35 Signs That You Are Undoubtedly Having A Third-Life Crisis

Nobody talks about it, but I am here to tell you: the well-known quarter life and infamous midlife crises have a mean and ugly cousin: the third-life crisis. More embittered than its younger counterpart, it is cunning and creative in its attempts to ruin your life.

Here are 35 signs that you are having a third-life crisis:

1. You think about retirement more and more lately. Why didn’t you start contributing into a pension plan 10 years ago?

2. The first few friends are getting divorced already, and you aren’t even married yet. You feel hopelessly behind.

3. Should you get married? Your mother has dropped countless hints about you being an “old unmarried maid”, despite you living with your partner in a committed relationship.

4. All your friends are having babies. You are not ready. But shouldn’t you be?

5. You now know what the biological clock is. You hear its ticking a bit louder every day.

6. With osteoporosis looming in your immediate future, you contemplate starting to take calcium supplements.

7. The phrase “time flies” never sounded truer, and never scared you more.

8. Your boss asks you “where you see yourself in five years”, and you feel like a loser for saying “uhm, still in this job?”.

9. More responsibility scares you.

10. But shouldn’t you be more ambitious?

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