Advanced Benefits of Frugality that you may not have Thought of


Being frugal tends to make you more active and healthy, without you even trying. For example, you might decide to walk or bike to work rather than drive. Taking public transit may also require you to walk a little bit on both ends of the commute, or potentially stand for a bit in the bus/train/station. All of this daily exercise adds up in the form of better strength, stamina, and step count. Bad health usually arises from too much convenience, which usually costs money.


Frugality’s ultimate win is the larger peace of mind and lower stress that comes from it. Your house isn’t filled to the brim with stuff you don’t need or want. You’re not trying to keep up with anyone. You can pick up and move houses/cities/countries whenever you want since you live a pretty lean life. You may also be happier knowing that you live life in a manner that is more sustainable for this planet.


Speaking of the planet, a frugal life is usually better for the planet since your consumption levels are significantly less than the average American. This is great news because you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to ensure this planet will still have enough resources to abundantly support your grandkids and your grandkids’ grandkids.

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