Frugal Personal Care and Style for the Ladies

A few months back, we had some friends visiting San Francisco and we stopped at Sephora near Union Square for our friend to pick something up. That was my first time walking into a Sephora retail store, and I’m 27 this year (and female!). I was overwhelmed by the amount of product choices there, and had no idea what to do with 90% of the stuff I was seeing.

When I saw the huge crowd of women lining up to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy skin, hair and other personal styling products, I realized that I was significantly more frugal on this front than the average millennial. Of course, frugality is a spectrum, and according to Mr. Frugal Hacker’s standards, my daily beauty regimen includes many things that he would consider splurges.

I’m not 100% anti-makeup and do dress up for special occasions. However, there’s a tremendous amount of unnecessary social pressure for women to wear make-up on a daily basis, just to fit in with our society’s perception of beauty standards. That’s bullshit. I don’t fall for it, and neither should you. Here’s how I do beauty:


  1. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner from Costco
  2. Kirkland Body Wash from Costco
  3. Homemade DIY Face Wash (Castile Soap + Tea Tree Oil recipe costing ~$10/year, ingredients from Liberty Natural)
  4. Deodorant – Dove or Suave Roll-on ($1 – $3 per purchase, lasts so long I don’t keep track of it)
  5. Coconut Oil for Moisturizer – I bought this from Amazon for $15 because I didn’t want anything larger than 32oz, but Costco’s organic coconut oil (Kirkland brand) is amazing value for money
  6. Witch Hazel for Facial Toner (also from Liberty Natural – $5/year)
  7. MAC Powder Foundation – $28/year
  8. MAC Lip Gloss – $10/year
  9. Eyeliner for special events – $10/year
  10. Calvin Klein Perfume for occasional use (bought this for $28 from Amazon 3 years ago, still have 90% left)
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