Frugal Personal Care and Style for the Ladies


  1. Waxing – razors and hair removal creams are significantly cheaper and get the job done just fine.
  2. Manicures and Pedicures – I trim and clean my nails myself, and have decided to go nail polish free.
  3. Massages – I don’t pay for massages anymore but made an exception in Bali where we treated ourselves to 4 hours of spa + massage for just $30 American.
  4. Fancy haircuts – I paid $70 for a haircut once and immediately regretted it. I have straight hair that’s easy to manage and I don’t experiment much with new hair styles. Aveda has a training school in San Francisco where you can get great cuts for $10. Since my haircut needs are straightforward, this works out great for me.
  5. Expensive acne/skin enhancing treatments – I have sensitive skin that’s very acne prone (the worst!!) but I stay away from the magical concoctions that promise to clear my skin overnight. The only thing that works for me is eating healthy, working out, and maintaining basic hygiene.

My biggest frugal fail in the personal care realm: I spent $40 over the last 6 months for eyebrow threading and shaping. I’ve been trying to teach myself this skill by watching Youtube videos, but gosh it’s tricky.

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