Retirement Mindset in a Work Environment

I am feeling an internal conflict having my retirement mindset in a work environment. I recently posted that I took on an early retirement side hustle. Today marks the 2 week anniversary of my starting a bitchin project.  It is a small two and half month (until end of year) gig documenting some processing code for telecommunications billing.

For most people that may sound like a total snooze of a project. But it’s in my background and within my passion zone.  It is also very interesting to see and learn how the developer did their mediation code. I also get to pick up a few new skills in the process. Part of the benefits of retiring early and often is to continually learn new things while doing things of interest. This side hustle fits right in there.

My conflict

My conflict lies in the fact that I do see this as a side hustle to my early retirement. Although I am fully focused and dedicated to completing this project. I want to think of this as a short-term gig and still have my retirement number 2 status alive and well in my brain. That is where my retirement mindset and the corporate work environment are starting to collide. This situation I am having can be another example of what you can experience if you intend to retire early and take on the occasional quick side hustle.

The company I am working for as a contacted consultant is starting to make some long-term plans. They have started to invite me to meetings outside the scope of my awesome project. Not only that but they are putting my name to new projects well into next year after my current gig ends.

If I had called an end to my second retirement and came in here thinking I was starting another career or long-term engagement I suppose I would be very happy about their optimism about me. But I am nowhere near making that call. I knew coming in that there was an option in my contract to extend it if both of us agreed. Although I do love what I am doing on my little gig. I am not sure I am ready to or wanting to make another career commitment for the long-haul. Doing the other projects that they have on their plate are not as attractive to me.

I am passionate about early retirement

After all, my biggest passion that I have set aside for this short-term side hustle is my love of being an early retired leisure freak running free through the hills. I guess that is the problem, I am not ready to let that go and call the end to retirement number 2. I should say that is a problem for them, not me. I am perfectly happy returning to early retirement bliss once this gig is completed.

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